2012 Testimonials

“November 2012 I was looking for someone to finally finish my un-papered home. The pressure was on from the “boss” and lives were on the line! (Mine anyway!) After looking through the ‘No Cowboys’ website I came across the “10 out of 10 on Target” rating for Precision.  There website did the rest.

Paul Lacey was around within the next 48 hours. He spent a short time measuring and made expert recommendations regarding where to paper and where to paint. He also, thankfully, reviewed my colour choices and changes were made. From the very start I made him aware of my budget and my overall plan for the place. Paul was clear that I was not obliged to go with his quote even after the assessment.

The house was built in the late 70s with relatively high ceilings and walls plus a stairwell. Originally the plan was to paint however Precisions estimate and assessment of the scope of the job found that more of the budget would go into the prep for painting (plastering etc) than the paint itself, blowing the budget on prepping the house didn’t make sense. Wallpaper was the choice. One week of preparation with the very minimum of disruption to a very busy household (a second bathroom and large deck area were also being built) and another week of papering four bedrooms, a dining area, living area, entranceway and stairwell and the house was transformed. The whole project completed on the Friday before Christmas.

Paul explained every facet of the progressing job. At no time were we left out of the loop. Each day ended with the site being cleaned and squared away ready for the next. His team’s interaction with my family put everyone at ease and their professionalism was evident throughout the job. The house was truly transformed. I have attached a couple of photographs that really don’t do it justice. I have limited photographic ability.

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